Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Team down!

'Day 7 started with another early wake up at 0600!! However, unfortunately for some of us it was not really a wake up as such!

After a bowl of porridge, some jam sandwiches and a cuppa, we were all on our way down to Mweka Gate to finish our incredible, life changing journey up the highest in Africa. 

The first hour started off well, but as people’s fatigue started to kick in a few pit stops were needed..some of us made it down in 3hrs and 15mins and some after a few more pit stops, some encouragement from some local monkeys and birds and a short bumpy ride made it down in 5hrs.

Needless to say, we were all very glad to arrive at the gate, and after a well deserved soft drink most of us were raring to do it again!! 

On the way back to Weru Weru Lodge we stopped in at Ahsante Headquarters to say our last farewells to our magical crew, sing a few more songs and settle the tips. 

Finally, as we are settling in for a deep, deep sleep, after a nice dinner and a small award ceremony, we are all thoroughly looking forward to the second parts of our trip no matter how tired we are!!'

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