Thursday, 17 July 2014

Moving on.. Snakes, Crocodiles and Safari!

Today the team left Moshi and Kili behind them and started on the next phase of their trip: Safari and then the Radley link partnership at Gehandu School. 

It was time for a change of Leaders too- and the group said goodbye to Lloyd (their Kili Inspire Leader) and hello to Tom and Jack- the Inspire Leaders who will be taking through the second 'phase' of the trip. 

Today's blogpost is from Milo and Louis (we have been promised a photo for tomorrow!): 

'We began after a full nights sleep, a nice end to our stay at Weruweru. Headed off to the snake park, for a guided tour and great food. We got to hold crocodiles and snakes, which was good fun. 

We then left for our hotel in Babati - Kahembe's. Owned by an awesome old dude who's been all around Europe, tasting coffee being one of his specialities! Some cool stories and funny jokes to end the night.'

We will update you tomorrow on the safari through Tarangire!

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