Friday, 25 July 2014

Last day

After a lie in, to 7.30, we headed off to Gehandu for the last time, for the farewell function put on for us. 

There were some exceptional, loud and cheerful swahili dances. The symphonic, primordial wail of africa stirred even the hardiest of hearts, showing us a continent that beats as one and maintains its wild and sublime allure. 

Speeches were made by Leokardia and Chris, and also a speech on behalf of Inspire made by Tom. Tom's speech really redefined the format, causing students and teachers to reflect on the fickle but enchanting nature of human experience. 

Radley also put on a short drama piece, that most heart-stirring of british folk tales, Robin Hood. Henry Way was the star with an emotional performance as Maid Marion (!) After lunch we said our farewells and were each handed a shirt, by Gehandu in memory of our time here.

Angus/Hughie and the gang

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