Sunday, 13 July 2014

Karanga Camp (4,000m)

The team are all safe and well at Karanga Camp. 

The fourth day started with the ascent of the Barranco Wall, which is considered a 'scramble' in climbing terms. The trail the continues with many up and down sections across small streams and rivulets and finally crosses the Karanga River to the Karanga campsite.

Today's thoughts from the team: 

'We woke up this morning to a stunning view of the greenish valley and clouds below us. 

However looming above us was what appeared to be a sheer vertical wall. It turned out to be a chance to use our hands and and a fun break from the monotounous walking previously. 

Having scaled the ephemeral wall and after a break for many a photograph posing,we embarked along a slow descent before a steep valley, along a snaking path.On reaching the camp the summit from this angle looked different again, the glacier and much more snow was visible...enticing!'


  1. Wow - great pictures - it all sounds amazing! Better even than watching Germany beat Argentina in Extra Time to win the World Cup (Gotze volley)
    Good luck everyone with the final push to the summit...... worth every effort!
    Mark Jewell

  2. Happy Birthday Rory.

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

    Giles Neville