Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Gehandu Day 3

Today we had a lie in, until about 8ish! We then went to Gehandu for another action packed day! Many of us had lessons to teach and even those that didnt ended up teaching somthing as many classes didnt have teachers so we ended up with several games of English related hangman, my favourite word being 'supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!' which was excellent fun trying to get everyone to say that! 

In the afternoon we then also had a debate. Luke, George, Angus and Caspar were the debaters. The motion 'This house believes that Education is better than Experience...', the motion somehow lost. Although, even more worrying was that some of Gehandu's teachers even voted against it...?! 

On the way back we got a call from the local Christian radio station, run by the Seminary nuns, asking if we could be interviewed, with Hughie and Richie being our representatives, bizarely they were even asked on Arsenal and Chelsea's transfer policies...?! And if they had the answers for Englands appaling performance in the latest world cup...they didn't...!! That concluded the days events, as we prepare for another day of teaching, and our annual football match against Gehandu!!! Lala Salama!

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