Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 2 at Gehandu

Day 2 at Gehandu school, and as a team we are really beginning to feel comfortable in front of large classes ofTanzanian  students, which is a pretty big development when compared to the nerves that everyone felt in the week before our arrival in Gehandu! 

Angus, george, richie and luke all led a lesson for the first time today, and everyone else acquitted themselves marvellously as teaching assistants around the school. 

Other activities were a trip to the nearby secondary school (in which mr Barfield imitated playing a harpsichord), a visit to the homes of local students (it seems that even Tanzanian mothers get out the baby photos at the slightest excuse!) and a trip to the local fortnightly market (cue much purchasing of patterned cloth). 

The evening finished with a quiz set by our wordly and intelligent leadership team. Everyone is looking forward to participating in the whole school debate tomorrow, as well as continuing to hone our football skills in preparation for thursday's big showdown with the gehandu team!

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