Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 1 on the mountain: Update from Lloyd

Hi all,

Another update just sent in from Inspire trip leader, Lloyd, on the Team's progress today.

"Day 3 - first day of climbing!

We had an early wake-up at about 6:50am as we did our final preparations for the climb. After an amazing breakfast of sausages, eggs, beans, pancakes and potatoes at 7:30, we set on our way to the mountain.

After an hour in the bus we arrived at the Machame route gate. We commenced our journey of epic proportions at 11:30 local time. We took the climb slowly and at 4:30ish, after hours of walking through dense jungle, we arrived at our first camp - Machame Hut.

All went well and  we all feel very confident for tomorrow!"

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