Sunday, 20 July 2014

Arrival at Mbulu and another mountain!

Day 1 at St Joseph's Catholic Seminary, Mbulu.

As with many of the other days of our trip thus far we woke in the dark. Our tiredness, however, was quickly rectified by a brilliant breakfast, a strong coffee and a 1 hrc30 min Catholic Swahili service at the cathedral. 

Once appropriately "religioned up" we headed back to the seminary for a coffee with Leokadia (Headmistress of Gehandu School) before travelling to Gehandu for our first look around. 

From there we went to the foot of Mt Guwang. All was well as we were not facing another day climbing Mt Kilimajaro, "the higgest in Africa," but Mt Guwang, "the higgest in Mbulu." Once we graced the foot of the mountain we had lunch half way up with Leokadia and our Gehandu pen pals. The views were awesome and somewhat reminisant of Tuscan Italy and scenes out of a classical painting. One in which heroes are surrounded by a beautiful landscape. For the landscape was lovely and we would heroically battle to the top of yet another of Tanzania's painful rock formations. 

Later on, once we had descended we returned to the seminary where we engaged in a football match with the students, losing 5-0 in a very closely fought defeat. And so, after another wonderful meal provided by the sisters we prepare for tomorrow and the struggles of teaching which lie ahead of us.

- Richie and George

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